Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween

This coming Saturday is Halloween. So we decided that when in America, do as the Americans do!

We had bought 2 big pumpkins from a farmstand in Berkshires a few weeks ago....and I decided to carve them today.

As it's the first time I'm carving a pumpkin, I had selected 2 reasonably simple designs. I really wanted a fierce/scary looking pumpkin as well as a slightly cutesy one.

I think the hardest part of the pumpkin carving process is the preparation part where you need to remove the stem, scoop out the seeds and scrap out the flesh of the pumpkin. I had to use all my strength to scrap out the thick fleshy bits...so as to leave the pumpkin walls thin and easier to carve.

RG took a photo of me hard at work. Look at that big bowl of pumpkin flesh that I had scooped out.

Well, this is my very first halloween pumpkin....what do you think?

The next one is the cutesy one....can you tell what the carving is about?

We added in the candles and see how they are glowing!

The design looks clearer after putting in the candle. Yes, it's a cat AND a pumpkin face!

Now that I've got quite some pumpkin flesh and seeds leftover from the carvings, I think I'm gonna make some steamed pumpkin kueh and toasted spicy pumpkin seeds. Hmmmmm...I'm drooling already just thinking about it.


  1. I really love the one with the cat. Very very cool. Happy Halloween. Edith

  2. haha...glad you liked it. i had a fun time carving the pumpkins. hope you had a good halloween too edith and take care