Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Me and my cookbook fetish

Ohhh I love cookbooks so much that it has become a fetish. And I've been feeding this fetish for so long that it's almost impossible for me to leave a bookstore without buying at least 1.

I have accumulated so many of them over the years. Some of my less favorite ones have been given away and many have been loaned out to friends and never made it back to my shelves. (DEAR FRIENDS: If you are reading this and are reminded that you still have my cookbooks, please return them to me as soon as you are done with them. Thank you!)

When we were renovating our tiny apartment, we were actually considering to sacrifice already scarce space in our puny kitchen to build a floor to ceiling bookshelf just to accommodate all of my cookbooks. But alas, the head rule the heart in the end.

When we left Singapore, I didn't bring a single cookbook along with me...to date, I still have no idea what came over me at that time to make such a crazy decision! My urges started the very minute I started unpacking my shipped boxes...and I had to run to the nearest Borders to buy a few of them to satisfy my urges for the time being.

Now that we've been in the states for almost one and a half months, I've only bought 8 cookbooks, a huge pile of cooking magazines and still counting!

Just today, I've received the bread baking book that I had ordered through Amazon and RG also came home with an autographed copy of Chef Yan's cookbook as he was in campus doing a special cooking demonstration. Isn't he such a darling? I mean RG of course, not Chef Yan!

The thing I like to do best is to flip through the pages of my cookbooks (from front to back and back to front x10) while watching TV, just before going to bed. The truth is, I rarely cook/bake using any of my cookbooks...I just like to oggle at pictures of the yummilious food...and then, I'm the happiest gal in the world!

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