Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween treats...

After drooling over many of Bakerella's wonderful cakepop creations for so long....I've decided to finally make some to give away as Halloween treats. Do check out Bakerella's blog for detailed instructions on how to make these cute little pops

I had used a moist chocolate cake as the base. After mixing the cake crumbs with cream cheese frosting....I rolled them into balls with my hands and stuck lollipop sticks into them.

These cuties are all lined up ready to get dressed!

Here I'm preparing the candy melts to coat the little ones....

Here they are....all dressed up in the festive color!

I've got no space in my I left the little ones to harden in the deck which is the coolest part of the house (~48F).

When the candy coating had hardened, I put plastic wrap over each one and secured with black pipes.

Some chocolate coated ones for ourselves and neighbours.

Hmmm....crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside....and SUPER SWEET!

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