Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I killed the yeast....

Imagine my disappointment that after a good 4+hrs my cinnamon raisin bread was as flat as a pancake! It didn't rise a bit. I was totally puzzled as I had followed the recipe to the T. So what went wrong?

A quick google search and I learned that dissolving the yeast in too hot liquid will kill it. Well....that was exactly what I did..I had tried to dissolve the yeast in boiling milk! No wonder my bread was a disaster and I had to toss it into the bin.

So I tried baking the bread again today (minus the boiling milk) and voila...I got a pretty decent loaf this time. The taste test will only take place tomorrow during breakfast when RG spreads butter on the toasted slices. For now, I'm just glad that it turned out ok the second time.

Can't believe how a little fungi can make such a huge difference! Well, you learn something new everyday.

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