Friday, November 6, 2009

How pumpkin kueh became bergedils.....

Cooked too much of one thing and your family (including yourself) is getting absolutely sick of having to eat the same thing for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Or the end product of your cooking didn't turn out like you've expected? You are tempted to throw the food away....but wait! Do think about the wastage (& of all the starving/dying people in the third world countries!)..especially in this poor economy and the high cost of grocery these days. Is there no way to salvage the situation?

Often, with some creative thinking, you should be able to "recontruct" your food into something different which could potentially offer variety to your family...or allow you to atone for past mistakes. Not only do you keep food wastage to a can also save lots of $$$ too!

With that in mind, I decided to turn my remaining pumpkin kueh into bergedil (which is a kind of meat & potato patty). It was a simple process of "de-construction" and "re-construction"!

First, I boiled 2 large potatoes till they are soft. Then I peeled the skin off the potatoes and mashed them together with the remaining pumpkin kueh. And I added some grounded cumin, grounded coriander, curry powder, salt/pepper and some chopped parsley and mixed thoroughly. I used my palms to shape the mixture into numerous little patties. Then I heated some oil...dipped the patties into a beaten egg to coat before deep frying them. And voila...I've turned pumpkin kueh into bergedil! No wastage at all!

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