Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Simple joys of DIY-ing...

Back in Singapore, we were so used to eating out, getting our haircuts at salons, having facials/mani/pedi at beauty shops, getting a contractor for home renovations etc. We had delegated most of these tasks to "service providers". The processes (for a fee) always professional, straightforward and no-fuss.

Here in the states, people tend to be more "hands-on". It's not uncommon to hear of someone saying that he/she had built the patio/kitchen cabinets/hardwood flooring/even the entire house all by himself/herself!

Perhaps you may think it's easier here 'cos the home improvement shops sell all kinds of tools and materials that facilitate DIY-ing...but I tell you it's really no joke to do all these on your own even with the power tools...and most people do it 'cos they actually enjoy it.

While RG and I are not gonna attempt to do home renovations on our own anytime soon...we've been slowly learning and appreciating the joys of simple DIY-ing. RG had put together his own bookshelves, fixed/installed our mailbox, decorated his entire office with art/pictures that he DIY-ed....and I have been doing my own cooking, baking and cutting RG's hair too!

It has been so much fun! And knowing that you are actually capable of doing much more than you think you can...gives you a great sense of satisfaction. I used to be focused on the end product of what the price can get me...but with DIY-ing, I've learnt to appreciate and enjoy the process in achieving that end product as well.

So a haircut is not just a haircut now. It's nice to caress RG's hair and playfully pull at his ears to get around the tricky parts...and we'd do this on a bright sunny day out in the open yard where we can hear the birds chirping on the trees and feel the sun/breeze on our faces. Such are the simple joys of DIY-ing......

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