Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unexpected visitors....

While doing the dishes after lunch....I saw some dark silhouettes out of the corner of my eye. I rinsed the soap off my hands and went to the back door to check if someone was in my yard as I was expecting a delivery from Amazon.

Imagine my shock when I saw a huge flock of turkeys (I counted twelve turkeys at least) leisurely strolling through our yard! What a sight that was!

I yelled for RG to come take a look and quickly grabbed my camera to snap the scene. Unfortunately, my camera settings were all screwed up in the big rush and most of the photos turned out blur.

I telephoned my neighbour to inform her of the presence of the turkeys and she came out to look as well. She told me that the turkeys had nested in a tree that used to be behind our backyard but the tree had since been chopped down as it was diseased and posing a threat with its falling branches. And every year around this time, the turkeys will return to this place to look for their home. Awwwww...poor turkeys!


  1. Wow, interesting!

    Did you manage to catch 1 for your Christmas dinner? ;p

    Lan Eng

  2. hahaha....everyone is suggesting that! =P

    these wild turkeys are well-loved in our little town 'cos they are such a sight!! apparently, every year around this time, people would be eagerly awaiting their arrival

    so no...i'll prob just buy a bird off the supermarket shelf. that'd save me the trouble of catching a live one, slaughtering it and being labelled public enemy of the town!