Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tastes like mom's soup....

I like to cook this 'cos it's SO easy and it reminds me of mom and home. And it's healthy too (I'm sure mom will agree with this).

Sorry I do not have the exact measurements as I normally just put in whatever I have on hand. Seasoning wise, you just add and taste and add some more if needed. The beauty of this soup is that there's no need to be exact. Just add whatever, boil/simmer for as long as it takes to release the flavor from the ingredients, then taste it and adjust seasoning/cooking time accordingly.

Corn (cut into smaller pieces)
Carrots (peeled and cut into smaller pieces)
Potatoes (peeled and cut into smaller pieces)
Chicken pieces (I'd remove skin)
Soup stock
Seasoning (salt, pepper, sesame oil, chinese wine)

Add soup stock & water & seasoning into pot and bring to boil
Add corn, chicken and carrot and bring to boil then reduce flame to simmer
Finally, add potatoes
[Note: Depending on how small pieces you've cut the potatoes into, you'll need to gauge roughly when to add them in as the potatoes tend to disintegrate if you were to cook them for too long]
Let the soup simmer
[Note: How long it takes will depend on the amount of heat that you are cooking with, whether you are using a normal pot or pressure cooker. If unsure, just taste the soup at various stages of simmering. When you can taste all the flavors of the ingredients in the soup...it's ready!]

I just love it when the smell of the soup fills up the entire house...it's as if I'm back in my mom's kitchen! This is my chicken soup to cure homesickness =)

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