Monday, November 16, 2009

My dream kitchen....

Where we are renting now...although the kitchen is far from being very fancy, it is very close to my "ideal" one with all the following features:

- huge kitchen island with additional storage (something I could only dream of in my tiny box kitchen back home in Singapore)

- hanger rack for hanging pots and pans just above the kitchen island (I love that but RG thinks it's cluttering)

- inSinkerator (I think it's not allowed in Singapore!?)

- huge oven (ohhh, how I regret not having an oven built into the cabinets when we renovated our flat earlier. I can cook all kinds of stuff with an oven now. The sheer joy in that!)

- dishwasher (next best thing to having a domestic helper which is too expensive here?!)

- pantry area (where there's a dedicated area/room full of shelvings just to store your spices/canned food etc)

- a TV in the kitchen (I don't know why I never thought of this before but it's absolutely great to be able to prepare/cook meals without having to miss any parts of my favorite shows!)

I'd really miss this kitchen if we have to move out from here next year.

Do you know that over here in the US...the kitchen is like the most important room of the house. A lousy kitchen is a sure dealbreaker when you are trying to sell your property! Some homeowners would spend over USD100,000 just to fix their kitchens. That's like the price of a 3room HDB flat *gasp*

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