Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dim sum....yum!

Since it's Chinese New Year next weekend....we decided to make a trip to Boston Chinatown to see if there's anything special going on. Boston is just slightly less than an hour's drive from Marion. We had quite some flurries on our way there but there was no snow in Boston....but it was super cold *brrrrrrrrrhhhh*

We reached Boston before 11AM and the first thing we did was to head to China Pearl Restaurant (9 Tyler Street) for some piping hot dim sum which we really missed. The restaurant supposedly serves the best dim sum in Boston...and the place was packed with people!

Below, RG was waiting in anticipation for the dim sum carts to come by our table.

The food was starting to pile up on our table.......and this was only HALF of what we ordered!

The cheong-fun was quite interesting....with yutiao inside....

The total damage for all the dim sum - USD45 (incl tips). It wasn't too bad actually considering that we really ordered a lot of food.

Do you realise that no matter where you go, all Chinatowns look the same? They all have this....

......and a pair of this!

At least the wall painting looked more interesting and unique.

I'm not sure what's inside the aluminium foil pan...some kind of cake I think...but all the Chinese pastry shops are selling tonnes of them. I was guessing "nian-gao" maybe?

Look! Guess what was brewing?......

.....Starbucks coffee was brewing of course!

Watching the world go by....with my darling and a nice hot cup of coffee....what more can a gal ask for?

We found this great place to park at 240 Devonshire St. $5 for 5hr parking - pretty inexpensive huh! From here, we could easily walk to Chinatown & Boston Common.

Our loot at the end of our short trip to Boston consisted of 2 big bags of chinese groceries, some sewing supplies from a fabric shop, 6 music CDs of RG's favorite bands and a whole lot of pretty stuffs from TJMaxx. We are poorer now....but happier! hahahaha

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