Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pineapple tart...FINALLY!

I know I'm too late in the game....but hey, better late than never (especially when it comes to pineapple tarts!).

So my pineapple jam was sitting in the fridge for the entire week...and I finally found time to make the tart pastry today and put everything together.

I prefer the enclosed pineapple tarts...and normally, I'd use a pair of small scissors to make tiny cuts on the pastry to make the tart resemble a pineapple....but since I did not have a pair of small scissors....I just went with the simple smooth surface enclosed tarts and then egg washed them before baking for a shiny look.

I had some problems with the tart pastry (too flaky) as I had to substitute a few ingredients that I didn't have....but it all worked out well in the end. The pastry although more dry and flaky...tasted pretty good - buttery like danish cookies but much softer in texture. they are....all lined up and ready to be popped into our mouths!
Ok, I must say that it was worth it spending two hours to make my own pineapple definitely tastes much better than store bought ones (even when the pineapple I used was out of a can)!


  1. looks absolutely yummy!!!! maybe you should open a homey version of bengawan solo type kuih shop...

  2. thanks mala! well...i'm trying the pineapple tart out with my neighbour to see if she likes it. she's a fantastic cook and works with our town's biggest if she gives her nod...i'd be happy to know that maybe my little homebakes are good enough for retail =P ahhh....a gal can dream!