Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nor'easter lacked punch....

A storm alert was issued for Jan 10, 2010 which predicted that a nor'easter would hit our area bringing 9-15" of snow. It was to be the second heaviest snow storm since the one in December 2009 where we got almost 25" snow accumulation.

However, we ended up with mostly rain throughout yesterday and it only started snowing closer to sunset. The snow accumulation was way lower than predicted - of approx 5" of crusty mix. We woke up this morning to a bright sunny day. I can imagine the town kids to be very disappointed with the school-as-usual!

The areas most badly hit were in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Think DC is getting it real bad this winter (termed the "snowmageddon" by Obama!). It has been the snowiest winter for them in a century. The city is obviously not equipped to deal with such heavy snow storms hence the entire city has to shut down completely during heavy storms.

New England on the other hand has been so used to heavy snowing....that there'd be many snowplough vehicles with tonnes of salt/sand on stand by even before the storms hit the area....and the roads get cleared pretty fast. In fact, the snowplough contractors are complaining of the lack of snowfall this year which affected their earnings. RG and I were expecting a whole lot more snow than what we are actually I think that's a good thing! =)

Here are some photos of the day after the weak storm. The sun is out....and everywhere is looking so beautiful! RG is amazed by how it can be so sunny yet cold and snowy at the same time. The turkeys were out early this morning....trodding through the snow in a single file!

Our snowplough guy came early this morning to plough our driveway and cleared the snow off the cars and walkways.

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