Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday boozing...(drink responsibly!)

While there's no Chinese New Year holiday in the is a national holiday today - President's Day. So we are also getting a long weekend break over here.

When we were out doing our grocery shopping the day before....we decided to drop by the liquor store to replenish our beer. We had just wanted to buy some of RG's favorite beer - Samuel Adams....but we ended up with a whole lot more as I saw some whiskey and vodka on the shelves and suddenly realised how much I miss drinking those. I also bought some mixes to make my own whiskey sour and tequila sunrise.

Alcohol is very inexpensive here. A box of 12 bottles of 12 fl oz only cost between USD9-15. The super huge bottle (1.75L) of whiskey that I bought was USD32.99 and vodka (750ml) was just USD15.99.

We'd usually buy the seasonal beer brew whenever available...just to try something different each time. The latest Sam Adam seasonal beer has been made with 5 noble sounded pretty interesting so we bought it. I must say however that the taste was pretty's definitely not going to make it onto our favorite list.

We'll be having a friend over for CNY day lunch (tom yum steamboat!)....the booze will come in handy in keeping everyone cool and in a jolly good mood! But of course, we'll be drinking responsibly and nobody is gonna drive afterwards.

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