Friday, February 19, 2010

With frozen cookie dough....who needs to bake from scratch!

I have seen all sorts of frozen cookie doughs being sold in the US supermarkets but never really thought of trying them until recently when we ate some really yummy peanut butter cookies made from a frozen cookie dough at a house viewing last weekend (yah, only in the states do you get milk and cookies while viewing houses!). Between the 3 of us (RG, me and our realtor), we almost ate up the entire plate of cookies *oops*

So on our Sunday morning grocery shopping trip, we bought 2 packets of frozen cookie dough - chocolate chunk & oatmeal raisin. The cookies are amazingly simple to make. As you can see below, the cookie dough has already been rolled into individual cookies.
All I had to do was to preheat the oven to the stated temperature, break up the individual pieces of dough, place them on a cookie sheet and then just pop them into the oven. I used both cookie doughs for some variety.
In less than 15min, the yummy cookies are ready to be eaten!
It's SO simple and convenient. You get to enjoy freshly baked cookies at anytime of the day in can have different types of cookies depending on your craving-of-the-day....and you don't have to worry about storing leftover cookies as you need only to bake the quantity that you wish to eat. The frozen dough lasts a long time in the refrigerator too.

I wonder why these frozen cookie doughs aren't common in Singapore? I have seen them before in the "expats' supermarkets" like Marketplace but I have never seen them at NTUC or Sheng Siong. While I definitely won't be eating them on a regular basis 'cos they do contain a lot of sugar....but it's nice to have them once in awhile or when you have last-minute visitors especially the young ones.

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