Monday, March 1, 2010

Chicken door-stop : A miniature prototype

Someone gave me the idea to make fabric door-stoppers. Instead of the usual cube/pyramid shapes....I decided to be adventurous and make them in shapes of farm animals or perhaps something with a seaside theme i.e. lighthouse, boat, fish, seashell etc.

Here's my first miniature prototype (less than 5") of a chicken door-stopper out of some scrap fabrics.

I'd need to refine the shape of the chicken figure as well as make the comb/wattle/beak/wings less limp-looking. Some cuter and more sturdy fabrics would definitely help in making the door-stopper look better and last longer. Also, I'd need to figure out what to fill the door-stopper with so that it's heavy enough to hold the door ajar. I think some kind of material with "grip" at the bottom of the chicken door-stopper would be good in preventing it from slipping while holding the door.

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