Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zip it.....

The zippers that I bought from etsy have arrived in the mail yesterday. So today's projects are all zipper related.

I've never sewn a zipper in my life. Zippers scare me....I had always avoided using a zipper by substituting it with buttons or velcros in my past sewing projects.

But I figured that there's absolutely no way of avoiding zippers if I really wanna do some serious sewing. So I finally mustered up my courage and tackled the zippers today.

It wasn't simple like ABC but it ain't rocket science either. My main fear is breaking the machine needle if I were to accidently sew on the metal parts of the zipper. But so far, no such bad luck *touchwood*

The zippers that I bought are a little too short (6") I could only use them to make little zipper pouches. The rectangular pouch (with wrist band) was my virgin attempt with the zipper. It didn't turn out too bad so I tried using the zipper again on another pouch with pleats.

If you think the fabric looks's because I'm still using my upholstery fabrics for practice.


  1. I want the purse...thank you.

  2. hahaha....which one my fren? i'm honored that you find them delectable for your exquisite taste in purses...