Friday, March 19, 2010


Egoistic me wanna leave a mark on all of my handsewn pieces, so...........I went and got my own label printed by one of the label suppliers at Etsy!!

Crazy isn't it? I never knew it's so easy to get these things done. Online shopping is truly AMAZING in the states.

So "Myu" (there's supposed to be a dash above the "U" but alas my supplier wasn't able to find a suitable font) it's pronounced as "Mew". And that's short for the name of my favorite teddy bear called Mew Mew =)

Mew Mew is a decade old...his appearance a little worn (shows how well loved he is!) but nevertheless still cute as a button. Mew Mew has mellowed over the years and is now old and wise. He loves a good cuddle and just wanna be loved!

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