Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The best gifts are thoughtful ones....and the gift of friendship - PRICELESS!

Got another small package from KJ today....and I almost cried when I opened it.

Neatly packed in the small envelope were 10 pieces of tau kee (hmmm...it's some kind of dried pressed soya product in flat thin sheets).

I don't even remember having told her that I miss cooking with tau kee??!! So I've no idea how she could possibly know.

I was so darn touched by the gift. It may be ridiculous to some to mail a packet of cheap tau kee all the way from Singapore to USA and to have to pay a hefty postage of many many times more than the actual cost of the item....but to me, it is no doubt the most precious and thoughtful gift that I can ask for.

Buying a gift is not about spending the most amount of money....it's about putting in the most amount of thought into finding/figuring out what the gift-receiver really wants and will appreciate. And KJ has obviously mastered the fine art of gifting!

This packet of tau-kee is good not only in the kitchen....but it also reveals that I'm being missed and cared for even from across thousands of miles away.

So thanks KJ...for your very thoughtful tau-kee gift and most importantly, thanks for your friendship. I miss you and I hope you had a great birthday!


  1. Dear SK

    I thot it sounds silly to get you this but understand that you need them in your fried bee hoon. Do sun them or put them in oven to toast them dry before you fried them.

  2. of course it's not silly..i love it! am thinking when i should cook my fried bee hoon with the tau kee! =P~