Sunday, March 28, 2010

There was a lot of eating in Newport....

It's the Newport Restaurant Week from 19-28 March and we happened to be around for most part of it. All the participating restaurants are offering special 3-course lunch and 3-course dinner menus for $16 and $30 respectively.

As you can guess, we ate and we ate and we ate! Here are some photos of the glorious food we had (it could've been many more such gluttonous photos had I carried my camera with me wherever we went!). We had Japanese food, Mexican food, Thai food, western food, fusion food.

These photos were taken at Diego's - a gourmet mexican restaurant at Bowen's Wharf.

We especially liked the presentation of the grilled chicken salad with guacamole served on a huge deep fried tortilla! The colors were amazing and it reminded us of puri.
Desserts were super yummy too. There was a burrito - fresh fruit and cream cheese wrapped in a tortilla, lightly fried, rolled in cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with melted chocolate and caramel! The other was empanadas filled with rich chocolate and ripe banana with caramel and strawberry coulis! *drool drool*
All the above for $16 per pax....was that a good deal or what?!

I was walking down Thames Street alone one day when I spotted a restaurant called Thai Cuisine. I decided to check it out as it was almost time for lunch. As you can see, I had the entire place to myself - found a quiet nook by the window to eat while enjoying the sights outside.
The food was surprisingly good (I wasn't expecting much as the restaurant was completely empty during lunch hours!). I ordered a pad thai, deep fried tofu and mango sticky rice. They all tasted pretty authentic. It was too much food for me so I had the staff packed the mango sticky rice for me to bring back to the hotel to be shared with RG.
The mango sticky rice had to be one of the best that I have ever eaten!! I had meant to share it with RG but I ended up gobbling the entire thing for my afternoon tea. Yikes!
On another night, we checked out this place called Yesterday's at Washington Square which not only had some pretty interesting and creative items on its menu but it also had over 36 beers on tap.

RG had the special 3-course dinner ($30) and the starter was some shrimp with artichoke thingee. We had absolutely no idea what we were eating but it tasted darn good. It was RG's favorite dish and it looked to me as if he could woof down another 5-6 of those little babies easily.
His entree was some seafood stew (thai style) with mussels, salmon, shrimp and jasmine rice. The broth was a little spicy and was cooked with some coconut milk. Me....I was happy with my BBQ ribs with fries and coleslaw. The ribs were so juicy and I was given a huge stack of paper napkins by the serving staff....guess I was expected to use my hands to eat but I didn't have to as the ribs were so tender that the meat was falling off the bones with gentle pokes using my fork! Yumzzzz
I'm getting hungry as I'm writing this post. Going to grab some lunch now!

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