Friday, March 12, 2010

The birds....

There are all kinds of birds that frequent our house. Probably because we've 2 huge bags of birdseeds that we so generously scatter all over our front and backyard regularly.

The turkeys are getting plumpier. I recalled the first time I saw them just before thanksgiving and they were looking kinda scrawny. But just look at them now....all grown up with beautiful shiny feathers.

The below photo shows a female Cardinal. I saw her sitting on the birdfeeder one day and she actually sat there for a long while (more than enough time for me to grab my camera and then to creep up to the window to get a shot of her). It was quite a surprise to see her 'cos I don't think Cardinals like to feed off the feeder.

The below is a male Cardinal...he's quite a sight in those bright red feathers. And he makes the most beautiful sounds - one of which sounds like a car alarm! He was at the bird bath 'cos I had left some birdseeds in there.

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