Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopped till we dropped....

We found a new place to shop yesterday near Plymouth. RG needed to buy some trousers and work shirts that are good for warmer days now that winter is almost coming to an end.

Boy...did we shop! Our haul was a good 18 pcs of clothings between the 2 of us. There was a clearance sale and many of the items were going for 80-90% discount!

Just look at our bill....we saved more than we spent! In fact, our final bill was $40 less than $235 'cos we got a cash voucher for our purchases.

Several of the work shirts were less than USD5 each! And these are by no means poor quality polyester shirts.....they are all 100% cotton and of wrinkle free quality.
My 2 biker chic jackets - USD25 for both!!!
I must say US of A is one of the best places to shop in the world!

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