Sunday, March 21, 2010

The unofficial guides...

Last Saturday, RG and I were the unofficial tour guides to a bunch of exchange students from Shanghai. There were 10 students altogether so RG had to drive the university's huge 12-seater van. I was scared to death seeing the size of the van but RG was quite cool about it and he drove it really well!
We brought the students to Boston and our first stop was for lunch at the Chinatown.
There were Chinese men playing chess...just like in China.
Lunch was at our favorite dim sum place -China Pearl....and the kids enjoyed the food as they haven't had authentic Chinese food in awhile.

After the heavy meal, we took a walk to the Boston Commons. That day was really sunny and warm and the park was packed with people - in singlets, shorts and bikinis(!)....everyone was out celebrating the first day of spring!

There was free music too!
Fancy some ivy-league university T-shirts?

From Boston Commons....we walked towards Fanueil Hall and along the way, we saw....

The below was an art installation titled "Iraq veterans against the war". It was made to look like a hearse with a coffin in it....kind of creepy!
Americans are quite passionate about their political views! You'll never see these in Singapore...hee hee. Some of the passing vehicles were honking loudly in support of the demonstration.

There was quite abit of activities outside Fanueil Hall. Street artistes were performing acrobatic stunts, break dancing, balloon sculpting etc.
Guess what are these colorful balls? They are gum balls inside the gum ball machine.
The boy was totally intrigued by the colorful candies!
Look at all the people!!
These exotic "flowers" were HUGE!
The kids were knocked out after all the walking! We decided to head back to campus.
But along the way, RG decided to stop by Plymouth so that the kids can take a look at the Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower.
Our day ended at around 6+pm. The students looked exhausted but we sure hope they had fun!

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