Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Handsewn gift...

Hope I'm not boring you with all these posts about my sewing...just that the weather last week wasn't too good and we had a couple of very rainy I did quite a bit of sewing 'cos we were stuck at home.

TP said she has been looking around for a new canvas bag but the ones she saw were either too expensive or with too short handles or too small for her liking. So I decided to sew her one as I have some pretty thick canvas-like material on hand (yes, upholstery fabric AGAIN!).

I added 3 front pockets and an inner pocket with zipper for her as she mentioned that she likes lots of pockets on her bags. And I gave her bag very long handles that she can sling across her shoulders easily....and I had sewn the handles all the way down the entire body of the bag (front/back) for added strength 'cos I know she often carries loads of stuffs in her bags. Nothing really fancy...but more utilitarian.


  1. I SEW love all your sewing posts hehee ;p

  2. thanks for reading kittykat!!! =)