Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing is addictive....

I was just telling my good friend LY that I'm kinda addicted to sewing right now. It's really a fun thing to do....and very fulfilling too!

My mom and aunt are both good seamstress and I used to watch my mom sew on her Singer industrial grade sewing machine which made loud roaring sounds and could sew at breakneck-speeds. She subsequently taught me how to use the very intimidating machine....and surprisingly, I hadn't managed to sew all my fingers together!

Back in Singapore, I'd sew every now and then when I needed some cushion covers or tablerunners to doll up our space....but I wasn't doing it on a regular basis. I guess sewing is one of those things like riding a bike - you'd never forget once you've learnt it.

I'm so glad I'm able to rekindle my interest in sewing....I've almost forgotten how much joy/pride one can derive from a piece of completed work. The excitement in turning out a sewn piece onto the right side and to see the final product!

And these days, you can learn to do just about everything using the internet! If I need some tips on sewing a certain piece of item....all I have to do is google and I'd be able to find all the information that I need...along with some patterns and instructional videoclips too! How cool is that. If we all make use of the internet in positive ways...we'll be able to do wonders with it!

Anyhow, I did manage to squeeze in a few sewing projects over the weekends even though we spent most of Saturday and Sunday out in the sun (we make hay while the sun shines!). Oh...did I mention that our day temperatures are in the mid-high 50s (10-15 deg celsius) over the weekend and earlier part of this week - love it love it love it! There was a 8 mile long vehicle jam at the cape over the weekend...everyone was trying to get to the beaches on Cape Cod to get a piece of sunshine.

Made a pleated bag out of cheap upholstery fabric. RG wasn't crazy about the fabric...but I'm just happy with the way it turned out as I hadn't relied on any sewing patterns/instructions. I embellished it with the cute little flower brooch that ML had sent me to make it look more girly!

Here's a bookcover in the same frumpy fabric. While the novel sizes are pretty standard over here....the thickness of the books are not. So I made the cover in such a way to cater for different book thickness. And I sewed on a little fishy bookmark too!

Okay....I know fabric bookcovers might be a little dated these days (people are sewing Kindle cases now)....but I for one would use such bookcovers 'cos I absolutely hate showing the whole world what book I'm reading...and I've a thing about keeping my books in pristine condition! of my quirks is that I'd only open my books slightly while reading them 'cos I hate to have creases form on the book spines....hahahahahah

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