Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the air.....

Yesterday was such a lovely day with temperature in the high 60s. RG and I decided to get out of the house to bask in the sunny warmth and to poke around in our yard abit.

We were looking for signs of spring.....and look what we found amidst the dried leaves of spring 2009 and underneath the frost!

I went "awwwwwwwww" when I saw these shy little snowdrops. They look so dainty and sweet!

I had no idea what these shoots were but they sure looked very promising.

I saw some new flower buds already! I sure hope they can withstand the frost if it were to snow again.....

We had to look real hard to uncover the little gems. See these tiny green buds underneath the pile of dried leaves. Don't they look amazing?!

These buds are already looking amazing....I wonder what they'd grow up to be like?

My neighbor has a herb garden...and these are chives. And I've got an unrestricted pass to her herb stash....YEAY!!!

I wanted to photograph the red buds but my camera was acting all weird and not focusing properly. Despite the blurriness....I like how the red, brown, blue and green all blended together so nicely.

My neighbor had her storm barrels all set up and ready to go. She uses the rain collected in the barrels to water her lawn. In this little town where we are currently staying....water is at a very high the storm barrels are not only eco-friendly but would help save a whole lot of $$$$!

With winter coming to its tail end and spring approaching....we are looking forward to exciting times!

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