Monday, March 15, 2010

Eco grocery bag....

I hope you've all started using eco-friendlier bags for all of your shopping!

I've made another eco bag - its design a recreation of the plastic bag. Still using upholstery fabrics (good for such bags 'cos of the thickness of the fabric!), I added some pleats and a base for bulky groceries. The seams/handles have all be reinforced to provide for strength and durability to carry heavy weight stuffs.

Sure beats carrying an ugly pink plastic bag or "aunty lucy" bag...which are so unglam!
Again, my eco-grocery bag is reversible. Like I've said before, a gal still wanna look good while doing grocery shopping! (my little Miss Muffet shows her approval with a wide grin)
I had used this on Saturday and the bag got wet 'cos of the heavy rain. Or stains from that leaky tub of ice-cream (yes, it happened to me before and it was a MESS!) or broken eggs, no worries! Just throw the bag into the washer/dryer together with the rest of your laundry and it'd be as good as new again. It's completely machine-washable (but watch out for color runs or slight shrinkage depending on the fabrics that you use).

It's eco-friendly, it's sturdy, it's washable and it can be pretty too. So what are you waiting for.....make one now and I'd sure love to see your creations!

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