Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bambis in my backyard

I have been seeing this group of 4 bambis feeding in my backyard. The other day, they came in the late afternoon just before sunset but today, they were here early in the morning for their breakfast feed.

I usually try not to startle them by avoiding big sudden movements or loud noises...otherwise, they'd start darting away very fast.

Today, I opened the sliders and started coo-ing like I usually do at little dogs and kitties. The bambis heard me, looked at me and then went back to eating whatever they were eating without moving an inch. It seemed like my coo-ing worked in making the bambis less nervous around me :)

On a side note, the temperatures have been inching up everyday. New leaves are starting to sprout, the forsythias are looking beautiful and the lawn is looking greener. Soon, it'll be time to open up all the windows and sliders to let the seabreeze into the house. I can't wait!

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