Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Retro bolster bag

I decided this morning that I needed a new bag for spring!!

The good thing about knowing how to sew is that I can change my bag whenever I please.....without hurting my pockets.

I like bags that are not the usual shape/size - in fact, the stranger they look....the better.

Using the retro fabric (upholstery material) that I had used previously for XY's apron......I made this long & narrow "bolster" bag with long straps. The straps are long enough for me to carry it like a backpack too.
Here's how it looks from the side......really looks like a bolster huh? Makes me wanna hug it tightly and go to zzzzzzzzzzz......
As the material is very heavy and looks the same on both sides....I decided not to line the bag. But I did sew a thin bias tape all around the edges of the fabric to prevent it from fraying. The tape does give it a neat finished look.
Yeay to my new bag!

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