Friday, April 1, 2011

Of pots and pans......

I used to think that cooking utensils are not instrumental to the taste/texture of the cooking.

However, after using my 5-qt cast iron dutch oven and 9 1/4" cast iron grill pan (both from Cuisinart, purchased at HUGE discounts!) all these months, I now realised that the pot/pan that you use does indeed make or break a dish.

I'm totally a cast iron ware convert now. Cast iron wares are able to distribute heat very evenly and you can move the cast iron ware from stove to oven without worrying about the high oven heat melting anything.

Food cook so much better in these cast iron pots/pans. For example, I used to cook my steaks on a regular teflon stainless steel grill pan....and no matter how I hard I tried, the steaks were usually tough and not as juicy on the inside as they should be. But with my cuisinart cast iron grill pan, the steaks will turn out nice on the outside (with beautiful grill marks) and ohhhhh-so-tender on the inside!!

Roasting/stewing/baking/making soup with my 5-qt dutch oven also yields similar results!

I know these cast iron pots and pans cost an arm and leg in Singapore. (the last I checked, one 5-qt or bigger pot is over SGD400!!!) I'm seriously considering if I should lug a few of these back in my suitcase. The only "minus" of cast iron wares is that they are mad heavy!!!

My 9 1/4" grill pan.....a little scruffy looking but works miracles!!!!
My beloved 5-qt dutch oven that I use practically for everything and anything....on the stove as well as in the oven!!!

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