Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Luggage tag from recycled Reese's wrapper

My blue suitcase is a very common one and I just hate it when I keep picking up someone else's suitcases at the conveyor belt 'cos theirs look so similar to mine.

I decided to make a bright orange big luggage tag so that I can spot my suitcase even from a mile away.

I sandwiched a Reese wrapper (which screams "ME!" 'cos Reese is my favorite peanut butter chocolate!!!) between 2 sheets of transparent vinyl, added a pink ribbon and sewed all around the edges. I also added a vinyl pocket to hold a name card or address label.

Here I'm just using RG's bag to "model" my luggage tag.


  1. Great idea. I usually tie ribbons on our luggage. I LOVE Reese peanut butter chocolates too. Have you tried the Lindt Peanut Butter chocs? divine!

  2. is the lindt one in thin slices? i think i've tried it before. it's yummy too...i think maybe we are just peanut butter fans!! hee hee