Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rojak post.....

The bambis have been coming almost everyday....sometimes twice in a day.
This little fatty is one of my neighbor's cats. She loves to roam the neighborhood and pounce on herons that are twice her size :P
Here's her sneaking around amongst the reeds. She's quite fun to watch.
The forsythia in the front yard is looking oh-so-pretty!!!
My fabric stash is growing and growING and GROWING......and not to mention the gigantic heaps of old clothings and other materials that I'm keeping for repurposing!
I store my fabrics in huge plastic containers and a fabric holder that I've sewn (but not completed if you notice all the frayings at the edges!). And I still have more fabrics back home in Singapore. If we have our own house, I'd wish for my own sewing room with lots of shelvings/drawers for fabrics *dream*
RG and I love to eat porridge with dishes. Here's what our typical porridge meal looks like! *slurp*

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