Sunday, April 24, 2011

Satisfying my crave for ban mian......

Bought some noodles from a chinese grocery shop in Boston yesterday and decided to make some ban mian for lunch today 'cos I miss eating it SO MUCH!

I used 1 rotisserie chicken carcass, handful of ikan bilis, salt, sesame oil, parsley flakes, chive flakes and several bowls of water to make this huge pot of soup stock (2.5hrs in the 300F oven).

I didn't have minced pork so I used mashed meatballs instead!! haha. Actually, it turned out to be a good thing 'cos the soup didn't have that porky taste. I also added some chye sim, mushroom, fishcake & egg to the noodles.
Below is the thin noodles that I had bought for USD1.29. One packet is good enough for 4-5 persons.
Here's my piping hot bowl of ban mian (actually, it's you-mian!). I didn't add more ikan bilis 'cos I don't really like to eat them...I just like the smell/taste of ikan bilis in the soup.
I don't normally drink up the soup bases of those ban mians that I buy from the SG food stalls 'cos I find that the soups are often ladened with MSG....but mine isn't so I slurped it to the very last drop.
Now, that's what I call a very satisfying meal!!!

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