Friday, January 15, 2010

Being organised....

I was getting really sloppy and messy....pieces of threads, fabrics, buttons everywhere whenever I'm doing my crafts.

Was at Ocean State Job Lot yesterday and found this sewing/craft organiser for 4 bucks. Not the most aesthetically pleasing piece of thing but I bought it anyway 'cos it meets my needs.

Took me just a couple of minutes to fit everything into the little compartments...and everything looked more organised already =P

And once the 2 flaps are in place....everything is now neatly hidden in the small compact organiser. Good thing too that I can carry all my tools/materials everywhere I go.

In case you are wondering what's that freaky thing that's posing with my's the latest sock toy that I'm working on..and it's supposed to be a monkey...but I have yet to sew on the eyes, nose and mouth. It looks pretty crazy huh!


  1. LN, must teach me how to do the sock toy when you are back. cute leh :)


  2. LY? sure..i'll be happy to. I've some books with instructions/illustrations...remind me to bring them back for u for reference.