Friday, January 29, 2010

The moon appears brighter here...

There's a chinese saying...that "the moon in foreign lands is especially round".

While it doesn't appear much "rounder" to me...I must say that it does appear much brighter!

Back home where everywhere is so brightly-lit with street lamps, I never felt the full effect of the reflected light from the moon.

But here...when night falls, the entire place is pitch black 'cos there aren't any street lamps outside. I wouldn't be able to see my fingers if I were to extend my hand when standing outside in the dark.

With the full moon shining bright in the sky's throwing a soft glow on everything. I can see very clearly now when it used to be pitch black.

It is indeed true that the same thing could have different effects for different persons at a different time & place. Life is never that straightforward.


  1. i like the picture of that table and bench...

  2. keke...thanks. how come? i thot it looks blah...but i wanted to show how the moon actually illuminated everything like a street lamp.