Friday, January 22, 2010

Familiarity breeds comfort....

When I first put up the bird feeder....I noticed that the birds were not coming. Or I'd see them flying towards the bird feeder but on seeing us in the kitchen...they'd pause, flap their wings in mid-air before flying away. I guess they must have been afraid of us then.

However, more recently, I've seen more birds coming to feed at the feeder. At first, they'd do so only when nobody was in the kitchen....but these days, I'd be cooking/preparing food in the kitchen and they'd still come and feed...oblivious to my presence.

All animals are alike I guess....once they don't feel threatened, they'd be more comfortable around people. And we've probably facilitated their ease by leaving food scraps out on our back porch for the birds and squirrels all the time.

These days, the squirrels would come daily to check if we've left a little something for them as treats. Occasionally, I'd see them coming up to the kitchen windows and peering in....even when I'm standing very near the window. Really cute little things. Such a hoot to watch the little birds and squirrels.

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