Friday, January 29, 2010

SPRs, you are NOT one of us...never has, never will...

This is the resounding message that I get....from the recent spate of compliants by SGers...about SPRs stealing jobs, pushing up HDB resale flat prices..oh ya, and also stealing eligible marriage-material SGmen/SGwomen from SGers!

As a SGer, I'm deeply embarrassed by this. When we needed SPRs to help build our nation and economy...we had sweet-talked and welcomed them with open arms. But when the going gets tough...tempers start to flare and accusing fingers inevitably all point towards the "outsiders (aka SPRs)".

The word "equality" in our national anthem...apparently, only applies to "We, the citizens of Singapore". Isn't equality and fairness a fundamental human decency that extends to all? Or do we talk about "equality" only when it's to our advantage?

Hairline cracks between the relationship of SGers and SPRs are already starting to appear - and all over what? Rising resale HDB prices! Imagine that. How much of that is fact...we don't even know!

When it really comes down to some castastrophic events in Singapore like war, terrorism attacks or natural disasters...SPRs be very afraid...'cos when times are desperate and resources scarce, SPRs would be the first in the line of fire. During such times, it doesn't matter who needs help more, all it matters is whether or not you hold a pink NRIC.

Human nature can be really ugly!

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