Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm a closet reader of Xiaxue's blog.....

I first heard of Xiaxue's blog in 2005 (yeah, I know, I was a little late into the blogging scene) and decided to check it out one day when I was absolutely bored out of my mind.

The very first blog post that I read was the one in which she was ranting on and on about KL/KL-ians and I was totally appalled! At that time, I couldn't understand how anyone could possibly want to read her bigoted nonsenses...and I was obviously very wrong as she somehow went on to become one of the most prolific bloggers in Asia.

While I personally prefer to read blog contents of a much more intectually-stimulating nature and much less of the bigotry bitching and blog full of soft-porn and bling-bling photos...I have to admit that I do pop by her blog every now and then to catch up on the latest piece of bitchy news (& to keep myself updated lest I have absolutely no idea what my friends are all talking about at social gatherings!)

So what are the things that I enjoy of her blog?

(1) She has the mouth of a sailor and she's not afraid to use it. It's hilarious sometimes to read the @#&$%*@! that come out of this 25-yr old gal's mouth! Sure I swear quite abit myself...but she is the MASTER of cursing. Swear words just seem to flow so naturally and effortlessly from her posts.

(2) She stands up and speaks out for her beliefs (whether or not you share her beliefs is besides the point). No topic is too controversial. And that "so sue me or f**k-off!" attitude is so recklessly priceless.

(3) She engages you with her writings...and her postings have the ability to elicit all sorts of emotions from you. You can either hate or love what she wrote...but you are unlikely to be bored (with reference to my own blog!).

(4) She doesn't aim to be politically correct. This gal has guts and she doesn't fear public outcry (I can be so politically correct at times that I think I sound like such a hypocrite).

(5) She feels. And most of her posts are written with such fiery passion - of anger, love, joy, jealousy, sadness etc. With everyday work and family life bogging us down...we often lose that spark that we used to have when we were much younger. Reading some of her posts does remind me of my younger days of wanton heckcare-ness!

So yeah, love her...hate her...but there's no doubt that her blog stands out as one of the more readable and entertaining ones in the blogsphere.

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