Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sew excited.....

I bought the simplest and most inexpensive sewing machine (USD59 at Ocean State Job Lot) just to start myself off. While I'm not new to machine past works have been more utilitarian in nature - often with exposed seams, unfinished edges that experienced sewers would frown on.

I really want to try to improve my machine sewing skills...and I aim to make useful AND yet beautiful pieces that are more professionally sewn. TP has invited me to join her at this year's craft fairs....and I really hope that I can produce some worthy pieces to sell.

That's my new sewing machine...I've set it up in a bright and cheery spot in one of the bedrooms that we aren't using currently. I just need to pick up some fabric scraps from Joann's and I'm ready to go!

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