Friday, January 8, 2010

Hae-bee makes the mee goreng complete....

While I had made mee goreng on numerous occasions since we've arrived in the states....somehow they didn't taste so good.

Today, I made it again but this time, I used my secret ingredient - the hae-bee that KayJay had sent to me....and it was PERFECT!!

I had blended the hae-bee with some sambal chilli and garlic in a electric food processor and added that to the rest of the ingredients.

Finally, a mee goreng dish that's almost truly authentic (ok, apart from the yellow mee which I really can't find anywhere!).

I've packed a small tub of mee goreng for my neighbour - topped with some fried egg & bah-kwa as she was asking me what on earth is bah-kwa.


  1. Hae-Bee seems to be running low ...
    Kay Jay

  2. hey gal,
    no la...i've still got quite abit. i bottled them and put them in the fridge and it's keeping very well. wait till i get some dried chillies and then i'd be making my hae-bee hiam! yummy!! thanks again know i'm eternally grateful!