Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just straight lines....

I couldn't wait...I just had to try out the new sewing least to see if it works.

Problem was, I didn't have any fabric scraps lying I thought I'd just pop into my walk-in closet to see if I've got an old t-shirt that I could sacrifice.

However, what caught my eyes first was the big roll of leftover drawer liner. I thought that would do too!

I wanted to make something really simple for the dry run - only straight line sewing and no tricky I decided to made a crayon/pencil holder.

Turned out the drawer line being waterproof, spongy and with a good grip is a fantastic material for the crayon/pencil holder. Give this to the kids and you don't have to worry about the holder getting wet or stained (just wipe with moist cloth to clean off stains)...the spongy-ness of the material protects the crayons/pencils and prevent them from breaking easily...and the material provides a good grip such that the crayons/pencils won't slip out of the pockets accidentally.

I cut out a small heart shape from a tiny piece of felt scrap and sew it on the front of the holder as the all white holder was looking too plain! A pokka-dotted pink ribbon completes my project. The holder can be folded in two to open up like a book...or it can be rolled into a bundle and secured with the ribbon.

I'm still not so used to the machine yet....will definitely need more practice sessions.

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