Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burger nite @ Kinsale Inn (Mattapoisett)

19 April was Patriots' Day - a public holiday for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Since RG was not working, we made a date with TP to go to Kinsale Inn for their Burger Nite special.

Kinsale Inn is supposedly the oldest seaside inn in the nation. We had almost rented an apartment right next door to Kinsale Inn but we subsequently decided that it was too small for us.
We figured that the restaurant would get quite crowded for dinner so we made sure that we arrived very early and plonked ourselves down at the best table where we could get a nice view of the harbor.A glass of ice cold beer for each of us even before we ordered our food....heh heh....
All the burgers going for only 5 bucks!
I ordered the Maui-Waui....angus beef + swiss cheese + bacon + pineapple (lettuce, tomato & pickle of course). It was absolutely yummy....I love anything that has pineapple in it! =P~
RG had the Goo burger - angus beef + bacon + jalapeno + peanut butter....strange combination huh?! But I think he really liked it 'cos he gobbled up everything.
We decided to be greedy and ordered a slice of their very sinful chocolate cake after eating our burgers. It was a super huge slice....we couldn't finish it even when it was shared between the 3 of us! I absolutely love the cake...just the right texture & the chocolate ganache was hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm!
We had a wonderful dinner and at an amazing price too! We'll probably be back again soon.

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