Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chocolate + Cheesecake = Sinful!

I needed to use up some cream cheese that I bought at a sale awhile ago. So I thought - cheesecake! I'm not a huge fan of the regular cheesecake so I decided to add some chocolate to it. Yumz

Was lazy to do anything too elaborate so I settled for a chocolate cheesecake recipe provided by the good people at Kraft

I halved the recipe of course....& do take note that you'd definitely need more cookies than what's stated in the recipe to make the cheesecake base!

I was also dying to try out my new 4" mini springform pans (3 for $9.99 @ Target) that I've bought ages ago. It looks cute or what!
Here's my chocolate cheesecake with blueberries on top.

I made 2 of these (one for neighbour) and another 4 cupcake-size ones 'cos I didn't want to waste the remaining batter. Haven't gone through the taste test yet......maybe in another hour's time for our tea. This size is just perfect to be shared between me and RG. We are looking forward to tea time.

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