Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The yard is a mess....

My landlord got a contractor to clear the chopped trees and debris from the backyard over last weekend.

The guy came with his fancy machines. First he used the mechanical arm to consolidate the debris.....he actually offered to let me operate the mechanical arm but I was too much of a scady cat. I didn't want to risk breaking his machine which he said had cost USD35,000.
After consolidating the debris, he used the other end of the machine to "scoop" up the debris.
And then he dumped the debris into a trailer container for disposal.
Look at the mess that his machine had left behind =( I sure hope he's coming back to fix it.
Over here, it costs quite abit to chop down trees. Think my landlord paid several thousands of dollars just to chop off a couple of trees. And clearing of the debris is easily another thousand odd dollars.

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