Friday, April 23, 2010

Super easy and tasty baby back ribs....

This is almost a foolproof recipe to cook the baby back ribs. All you need is a bottle of BBQ sauce (I used Kraft brand) and some baby back ribs (I made 1 pound) actually. But to enhance the flavor....I also added some ABC sauce, sesame oil, ground cumin & thai chilli sauce. The good thing's really up to you what you wanna add for the seasoning. If you are too lazy...just the BBQ sauce (1/2 bottle for 1 pound of ribs) will do too!

I put the baby back ribs and marinate into a big ziploc bag and swooshed it around till well coated. Then I left it to marinate in the refrigerator over night. I took it out once to swoosh it around some more and then placed it back in the fridge.

Approx 3hrs before your meal time, preheat your oven to 300F. Wrap the ribs tightly in aluminium foil (i used quite a bit of foil 'cos I didn't want the package to leak). Place the ribs in the middle rack and bake for 2.5hrs.

After 2.5hr, remove the package from the oven and open it up. At this point, you can cut the ribs into individual pieces. I'd recommend that you take a small piece to taste. Depending on how you like the taste of can add more seasoning at the second stage. But if you are happy with the can also start eating without going through the second stage of broiling.

For me, I like the ribs slightly charred. I applied more BBQ sauce and some honey onto the ribs. And then, I set the oven for broiling at 550F. I placed the ribs onto a broiler pan and left it in the oven for another 5-10min. I'd recommend to watch the ribs closely in case they become too charred. When you are satisfied with the degree of can then remove the ribs from the oven and then you can start the finger-licking good eating! Careful...don't burn your tongue =P~

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