Friday, April 9, 2010

Newport RI - Bellevue Ave

Bellevue Ave, which is approx 2.4mile where most of the grand Newport mansions are situated. Along this road, you can get a feel of how the "Golden era" had been like. This street was where the wealthiest used to congregate during the summers during the last couple century.

RG and I took a slow stroll down Bellevue Ave around sunset and these were just some of the beautiful things that we saw along the way.

Even the front gates of the mansions looked amazingly grand!

We also saw very intricate lamp ornaments.....

...a pair of Pelicans flanking the front gate.....

Many of these mansions are supposedly there are ghost tours that you can join that'd bring you through some of the "haunted mansions" in the evenings.

Just look at some of the super long driveways....we couldn't even see the mansion which was very far back from the gate for you can imagine the kind of acreage the mansions are sitting on.

Oh my.....are those camels I see in the yard?!

There are the HUGE mansions.....

....and then there are also the smaller and cuter ones....

There's just so much to see along's an attraction on its own!

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