Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peace-Love-&-Lobster t-shirt apron....

Ever since I started sewing.....I'm always on the look out for nice fabrics or clothings that I can recondition.

RG and I were in Falmouth (Cape Cod) for lunch last week and I chanced upon this cute lobster T-shirt. The color was a little faded so it was selling for $1! I decided to buy it even though I haven't got a clue what to use it for.

I was wondering what to sew today when I saw the lobster T-shirt lying on my bed. I thought, since it's a about turning it into an apron?!!

So I gathered some matching color fabric scraps and a hand towel (I like to wipe my hands on my apron so I thought why not incorporate a hand towel in the apron!!) together with my T-shirt.
First, I cut out the front picture portion of the T-shirt (I kept the remaining of the T-shirt for my other crafts). It's good that the T-shirt is XL in size so that I'd end up with a good size apron to wrap around the front width of the body.
Then I laid the T-shirt fabric on the hand towel and cut the towel to the exact same measurement as the T-shirt.
Next I cut strips of 5" (for the apron strap) and 8" (for the trim around the apron) using the below fabric scraps (or you can use the remaining of your T-shirt fabric to make these).
As my fabric scraps were quite short in length....I had to join the pieces to get one long piece.
Prepare your iron......
First, fold the fabric strip in the middle and iron. Next, fold the fabric again such that it looks like this....(yes, I'm making a bias tape)....and iron.
You'll end up with a very long narrow strip like this for the waist band....
And a slightly shorter (just enough to go around the edges of the apron) but wider strip for the trimming.....
Pin the wider strip around the edges of the apron......make folds at the corner.....'d look like that on the back of the apron......
Then, pin the narrower but longer strip to the top of the apron...when you are done pinning everything.....just machine sew all around the trimmings as well as the waist band. I sewed them several times round to ensure that everything is secured.
There you have it.....a cute T-shirt apron. You can use your old T-shirts for this project instead of using a new one like I did....anything with a fun print or wordings will look great! It's really very easy to give it a try.

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  1. love the lobster apron! and having towelling material is a clever idea