Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clothes for the chilly early-spring days.....

Although the spring temperatures are getting warmer...it can still get quite chilly occasionally.

I've been shopping around for a shrug but haven't had much luck finding something that I really like or fits my budget.

So this morning....I rummaged through the wardrobe and found this old hoodie top that I haven't been wearing in a while. I chopped off the bottom half of the top and then re-stitched the hemline. Added a flower brooch and I've got myself a new shrug with a hood!

It looks strange...but I love strange!! So i'm lovin' my new shrug.

I haven't shown it to RG....he probably thinks it's funny (not in the ha-ha-ha sense). He generally thinks the kind of clothes that I like are quite weird =P
And since I was at it.....I decided to take out the sleeves of one of my other top 'cos the sleeves were kind of the wrong length and ill-fitting. I'd probably throw this on over my tops and wear it like a vest/overall and it'd keep me warm too. I'd probably wanna add some trimmings 'cos it's looking kind of boring and tired.
So today, I've gotten myself 2 new tops that cost nothing! I'm a happy gal =)

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