Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tax frustrations....

I've been going round and round in circles with the fed and state tax departments for weeks!

First, I got wrong information for the form to use for tax filing (seriously, wrong info from the tax depts???!!)...and then, they just kept making me more and more frustrated each time I talk to them over the phone - with the inflexible tax regulations, the apparent lack of coordination between fed and state government as well as ill-informed personnel manning helplines.'s conversations with the fed and state departments went like this:


ME : i don't have SSN (social security no.) or ITIN (indiv tax identification no.) which is required in the state tax return form

STATE: oh you'd definitely need an ID for filing...please call IRS (can't wait for me to hang up)


ME : i need to obtain ITIN that's required for ny state tax filing but i'm not filing federal tax

FED : oh, you can only apply for ITIN if you file federal tax

ME : can i file a zero return for federal tax and apply for ITIN

FED : no..that's a fraudulent submission.
(then proceeded to make me answer 101 questions before telling me....)

FED : sorry, you cannot apply for ITIN. please call your state tax dept


ME : IRS will not allow me to apply for ITIN and i don't have SSN....what should i indicate as ID on the state tax form?

STATE: huh?? ermmmmm.......(left me on the phone for good 10min or so)

STATE: then you file state return as "married filing separate return"

ME : okkkkaayyy....but for "married filing separate return" is indicated on the form to "ENTER SPOUSE'S SOC. SEC NUMBER IN THE APPROPRIATE SPACE ABOVE" which is really the reason why we are having this conversation!

STATE: ????????????

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