Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home improvements without breaking the bank....

My 16" zippers arrived in the mail last week....and I finally gotten down to sewing some new cushion covers today.

You've probably seen this fabric before 'cos I had used it on S's wrist purse. It's actually a pretty heavy weight and sturdy home deco fabric that's meant for sofas and I'm finally using it for it's intended purpose! =P

Did a 18" by 18" cover......
....and added a concealed zipper to the back of the cushion.
Here's the very dated looking cushion cover that I don't really fancy......
....and here's the updated look with my new cushion!
The cushion cover is so easy to make....I think any beginner sewer can do it 'cos it's all straight line stitching. And the cost of making it....probably $2 the max (fabric+zipper). And I can use whatever fabric I want to match my furniture. Don't think I'll pay $20-30 for a cushion from a store ever again!

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