Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bunny plushie....

I was at Jo-ann over the weekend and the fleece fabrics were on sale at half-price!

While we don't really use fleece in SG 'cos of the heat....over here in New England, fleece is like the ULTIMATE comfort fabric to snuggle in when winter comes. The moment temperatures start to drop, I'd be all decked out in my fleece sweater, fleece pants and fleece socks! So when I think fleece, I think - soft, warm & snuggily.

So I grabbed 2.5 yards of thick fleece in 2 different designs..for just under USD10. I had in mind to make some fleece cushions/cushion covers...they'd be oh nice to hug while watching TV on the couch.

Back home, as I was preparing to start sewing the cushions....I thought why not make the cushions look cute instead of the usual boring squares?

So I sketched out a simple bunny shape on brown paper, cut it out with a pair of scissors and then used it as a pattern to cut my fleece fabric. I didn't want to be bothered with using embellishments for the eyes....so I cut out 2 circles using the other fabric and just machine-stitched the circles onto the body as "eyes". Ohhhhhh, I decided to add some lashes too as the bunny is going to be a "she"....heh heh

Here's my small bunny cushion....warm, cute, soft and cuddly....

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